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Roof Condition Analysis

Assessment & Reporting Service

The Roof Condition Analysis service is an in depth assessment of the condition of your existing commercial roof system. A variety of tests and scans are compiled into qualitative and quantitative reports. With these reports building owners can make informed decisions about maintenance plans to extend the life of the commercial roof or roof replacement plans.

Assessing Your Building Roof

Infrared Roof Scan - detects moisture in subsurface layers of your roof not visible to the human eye but visible on infrared images.

EFVM® (Electric Field Vector Mapping®) a leak detection method based on the measurement of electric current flow.

Nuclear Scans - detects hydrogen ions within the roof system and creates a map of the wet areas on the building roof plan.

Reporting Roof Assessments

Qualitative Reports

Quantitative Reports

Let us compile the information and data about your building's roof in easy to read reports with photographs, scans, CAD drawings and recommendations for the preventative maintenance of your building envelope.

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