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Experienced Green Roof Repair Contractors in NJ and Eastern PA

Roof Maintenance Systems provide quick solutions to emergency leaks and ongoing preventative maintenance on commercial, industrial, and government buildings with green roofing systems in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Commercial Green Roof Repair Services
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Our roof repair services and preventative maintenance programs are available for a wide variety of green roofing systems: vegetative roof tray gardens, garden potting on the roof, rooftop gardens, plaza decks, outdoor living spaces, and decks. Green roof repair experts use a variety of tools to monitor, maintain, detect leaks, diagnose problems, and repair green roofs. Our diagnostic tools enable us to scan the roof and building envelope to determine the source of a problem.

Green roofs on commercial, industrial, and government buildings can expand your space and can count toward LEED credits; however, when not monitored an undetected roof leak into your building envelope can damage your building and require costly renovations. We recommend our preventative maintenance program to extend the life of all roofs; however, when you are adding dirt, plants, or water to your roof the best insurance is to have regular inspections. Ask us about our preventative maintenance programs.

Commercial Roof Repairs on Green Roofs
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