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Commercial Roof Repairs in New Jersey

Commercial and Industrial Roof Repairs

RMS Vans and trucks for emergency commercial building roof repairs

Emergency roof repairs, inspections and scheduled maintenance for commercial, industrial and government buildings in New Jersey.

Commercial Roof Services
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The climate in New Jersey can be tough on commercial roofing systems. The extreme hot and cold temperature changes can cause the expansion and contraction of commercial roof parts. If not regularly inspected and maintained, these severe temperature fluctuations increase the wear and tear and can lead to roof and building envelope damage.

The ORIGINAL Preventative Maintenance Roof Repair Company!

RMS is the "original" preventative maintenance roof leak repair company. We have been operating out of New Jersey since 1979 and have helped initiate the annual and bi-annual inspections and structured preventative maintenance programs to extend the life of commercial building roofs.

The quality of your commercial roof repairs and maintenance are critical to the life of your building. Failing to maintain a commercial or industrial roofing system can lead to the serious damage of the building structure, the ceiling, insulation, electrical systems, and business equipment and furnishings. A serious leak in a commercial roof can even lead to personal injuries and expensive lawsuits.

New Jersey Service Area

Our team of roofing contractors is available 24/7 to repair roofs for clients in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County, Burlington County, Somerset County, and Mercer County. Following are some of the recent roof repairs and and ongoing preventative maintenance programs we have for flat, commercial roofs in New Jersey.

  • Preventative Maintenance for Pfizer's roofs in Madison, NJ
  • Preventative Maintenance the evacuation shoot company, Air Cruisers in Wall, NJ
  • Service contract repairs and maintenance at all locations in NJ/NY for IFF, International Flavors & Fragrances headquartered in Dayton, NJ
  • The State of New Jersey's Capital Complex Trenton, NJ, the Turnpike & Parkway Authority, Parkway 600 Buildings tool, rest areas.

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