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Roof Maintenance Systems provides services for commercial roofs, industrial roofs and institutional roofs in Mercer County.

Call for emergency roof repairs, scans, and surveys. A preventative maintenance program is available to extend the life of your roof.

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If you have a leak or suspect a leak the sooner we can investigate the source and stop the leak, the better it will be for your entire building envelop. Don't wait, call immediately!

The ORIGINAL Preventative Maintenance Roof Repair Company!

Our preventative maintenance program is a combination of annual or bi-annual inspections and the implementation of preventative maintenance measures to extend the life of your roof.

The quality of your commercial roof repairs and maintenance are critical to the life of your building. Failing to maintain a commercial or industrial roofing system can lead to the serious damage of the building structure, the ceiling, insulation, electrical systems, and business equipment and furnishings. A serious leak in a commercial roof can even lead to personal injuries and expensive lawsuits.

RMS, Roof Maintenance Systems, has a long history of working on commercial roofing systems in Mercer County.

Commercial Roofing Services
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