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Fully Adhered EPDM Roof
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Commercial EPDM roofing systems (aka ethylene propylenediene Monomer roofs or rubber roofs) are made of synthetic rubber. They can be installed as fully adhered, mechanically attached, or loosely laid ballasted. Factors that can impact the life expectancy of your EPDM roof systems may include:

  • Lack of regular monitoring and maintenance
  • Weather conditions including Wind, UV Rays, Snow, and Ice
  • Man-made conditions including Chemical Spills, Foot Traffic, Punctures, and the Improper Installation of Membrane and Rooftop Equipment
  • Membrane Degradation caused by Chemical Contact

Increase the Life Expectancy of an EPDM Roof

EPDM roof manufacturer warranties typically require periodic inspections and regular maintenance. Roof Maintenance Systems can increase the life expectancy of your EPDM roof as well as ensure compliance with your warranty by developing a preventative maintenance program.

Recent EPDM Repairs

Roof Maintenance Systems is experienced with rubber roof repairs. Our roof repair team works in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Recent rubber roof repair and maintenance programs include:

  • Installation of a QA flashing patch over a hole that was made in the EPDM during the construction on a commercial building in Parsippany, NJ.
  • Re-flashed 6 LF of open laps due to delaminating at a medical production facility in Eatontown, NJ.

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