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BUR roofs (aka Built-up roofs or tar and gravel roofs) are made with multiple plys of roofing materials; they can include a variety of asphalt/bitumen materials and surface materials such as gravel, slag, and glass-fiber. Leaks on a flat BUR roof can be difficult to trace because water doesn’t always enter the building directly below the leak. Detecting, diagnosing and repairing the BUR leak is work for an experienced commercial roofer.

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Increase the Life Expectancy of a BUR Roof

Preventative Maintenance Programs can increase the life expectancy of a built-up roof. BUR roof manufacturers' warranties are typically 15-20 years; however, they require periodic inspections and regular maintenance. With regular monitoring and maintenance we can help you comply with your warranty requirements and further extend the life of your BUR roof. Ask about our Preventative Maintenance Programs for Built-up roofs.

Factors that can impact the life expectancy of your BUR roof system can include:

Excessive sun and water cause two problems in which flat, Built-up roofs are prone to. UV rays speed up the deterioration of BUR roofing materials. BUR roofs often tend collect pools of water, and standing water will rot and weaken the roofing materials. When not addressed in a timely manner, BUR roofs will begin leaking.

BUR Roof Repair Experience

Because Roof Maintenance Systems is experienced at repairing BUR roofs, we can quickly detect leaks and repair the roof and building envelope. We have many commercial and industrial clients with flat BUR roofs in our preventative maintenance program. Our roof repair team works in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Some of our recent BUR roof repairs:

  • Used a 5-course repair over a split in the membrane at an industrial facility in Clifton, NJ
  • Re-flashed an improper installation of a curb flashing at a food production facility in Dayton, NJ

Increase the life expectancy of a BUR roof by promptly addressing repairs with a Preventative Maintenance Program
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