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Variations on Preventative Maintenance Service Offerings

Case Study

CHALLENGE: Roof Maintenance Systems, RMS, devised the first commercial building roof preventative maintenance program which has become an expected standard service in the commercial roofing industry. However, there is not a one size fits all preventative maintenance service and not everyone wanted the service for "preventative" maintenance. RMS needed to offer customized solutions that were cost effective for small businesses, manufacturing plants and extra large corporations.

SOLUTION: When a business comes to RMS requesting information about our Preventative Maintenance program we gather information about the purpose, the building size, and reporting frequency requirements.

Purpose - Building owners and managers have different reasons for requesting the preventative maintenance service or needing the recommendations and reports from the scans and tests of this service. There could be a current leak in the roof or building envelope. There might be a need for qualitative and quantitative reports for litigation support. Sometimes the reports are needed for the sale of the property.

Size - When we come out to do a consultation we assess the size of the roof space and building envelope.

Frequency - The tests and scans of our preventative maintenance program can be provided bi-annually, annually, during an emergency leak or as requested.

RESULTS: RMS has created numerous customized preventative maintenance programs to fit the needs of many different size companies and buildings. Projects have included:

  • a pharmaceutical plant in Madison, NJ
  • a manufacturing facility in Wall, NJ
  • a company with corporate offices in Parsippany, NJ a distribution center in Whippany, NJ and a retail store in NYC

For more information about the right preventative maintenance program for your building contact RMS today.