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Building Envelope

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What often appears to be a roof leak can actually be a leak in the building envelope.

The source of water intrusion may not always be from your roof. Did you know water can enter your building through windows, walls, doors, etc? It is important to determine failures in the building envelope which can damage the structure of the building, have a negative impact on the people in the building or simply waste energy.

Determining the Cause of a Building Envelope Failure

Our highly trained technicians will look beyond your roof leak and inspect the building envelope.

Some of the common causes of water infiltration are due to wind driven rain, frost, humidity and dramatic temperature variations. Determining the source of the problem can be tricky. We determine root causes through inspections, tests and probes then provide repair recommendations, address those repairs and rehabilitate the building.  It is important to point out that we will never perform repairs or maintenance on a project where we have acted as consultants, avoiding any potential conflict of interest.

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